Daily Music Roll Review of “I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye”

Eminent alternative rock artist Scott Patton’s single ‘I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye’ enriches his solo career

Minnesota-based alternative rock artist Scott Patton offers a sneak peek at his deepest thoughts and emotions in his recent MV ‘I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye’.

Alternative rock is one of the most sought out genres that is growing rapidly, thanks to the tireless hard work of its brilliant artists. Seasoned and promising singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Scott Patton has created a brilliant soundscape producing authentic alternative sounds. Going strong after deciding to go solo, the lead of the popular band Chasing Colors has released a jaw-dropping banger called ‘I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye’ on major streaming platforms. The track features an out-worldly instrumental cadence that he has achieved by using his hard-earned thematic insights. The song is mixed and mastered by Sefi Carmel. Carmel has also worked with icons like BB King, David Bowie, Bruno Mars, and many more. The music video features a gothic and nostalgic visual presentation amplifying the impact of its lyrical illustration.

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